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2009-07-02 03:31:03 by biohasard

If you are going to make a comment insulting me, Or my mother then you can go down there to do that.
However if you want to be nice you can compliment me. That would really make my day. So please leave a comment, Good or bad I will accept it.


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2009-07-02 04:33:05

I will opt to do neither.

How was your day?

(Updated ) biohasard responds:

It was nice... I can't sleep though.


2009-07-02 05:05:43

Drink some milk if you have it handy...the only thing worse than getting your sleeping schedule clusterfucked is sleep deprivation.

Y'know what else works? Go to 7-11 and try to find this drink called's like, the opposite of an Energy Drink, it's in a purple can, "Slows your Roll" and it knocks me out every time...

...But look at's four o'clock in the morning, and I stayed up all night LAST night...I need to conk out too, but obviously...well...not.

biohasard responds:

Thank you... I will try this tonight. Unfortunately my hours are mixed up.


2009-07-03 01:12:52

How about I just leave this comment about nothing! hm? Oooh!

biohasard responds:

Holy shit what a rebel!


2009-07-06 02:00:10

Buongiorno, come sta?


2009-07-08 18:10:51

I'm afraid so.